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program coordinator (Operations team)

Our program coordinator manages and organizes everything we do. This means assigning and tracking tasks across our team, running our internal meetings, managed our shared files, and other operations activities based on interest (such as social media and fundraising). Can be located anywhere.

individual mentoring team

Our individual mentoring team coaches and monitors the success of our mentors and mentees throughout the program. You'll check in regularly with 5-7 mentors and mentees, as well as brainstorm and build opportunities to improve our individual mentoring program.

group mentoring team

Our group mentoring team plans events every 4-8 weeks that are open to the entire Eritrean community. With the help of your team, you'll take primary responsibility for an event every 3-4 months, and support your teammates with their events. We're especially looking to increase our community involvement / volunteering events!

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